My name is Guy and I’m a long time musician, and a bit if a video artist and designer. I’m also a devoted DIYer. The purpose of this blog is to create a chronological diary of my development in audio electronics.

I started recording myself around age 15. My setup back then consisted of an Akai reel to reel deck (GX-630D), a Panasonic portable field recorder (can’t remember the model), a BC Rich electric guitar (Eagle Japan), a Gherson bass guitar, a Yamaha DI10M Distortion pedal, a Nanyo Personal Studio practice headphone device (used as a preamp and mixer), and some type of a Shure dictation microphone that has since lost its sticker so I’m not sure what model it is.

I’d record a track to the Akai, and then bounce it along with another instrument or vocal to the second recorder. Back and forth a few times and you got a full band going under those thick layers of noise! That was my first studio!

Once I got a Yamaha DDS-20M digital delay that had a 2 seconds sample option, I started using it as a drum machine. I’d sample a drum sound, play with the delay time control to effect the pitch and trigger away with the bypass switch. That was my first drum machine!

Still need to fix it – I love the sound of that delay.

Soon after I acquired some gear that got me busy for a good 13 years or so:

A Vesta Fire MR-1 multi track recorder (4-tracks), a Kawai R50 drum machine, a few new guitar pedals and an Alesis MIDIVERB.

I also got a Japanese Fender Strat Contemporary from my dad for not getting kicked out of high school which has stayed my do-not-touch-motherfucker guitar since. (I did get kicked out a year later..)

With this basic setup and varying instruments and effects I  managed to squeeze quite a few production ideas to tape. In fact, my best music was produced on varying configurations of this basic studio. No mixer and no amp. Just going directly to pedals, than the Midiverb and finally to the 4-track, where all the bouncing went on.

Year 2000 was the year when I finally graduated to a Macintosh studio and since I’ve been producing music digitally. My studio is now light years away from when I started. So is the amount of gear I’ve accumulated with all the associated wear and tear.

Eventually I started fixing my own equipment which finally turned to building my own equipment. My primary initiative was to get things working again, but also to get my hands on gear I couldn’t possibly afford to buy, and getting the most out of the equipment I already own.

The early projects described here have been completed over almost two years ago. I’m hoping to add earlier projects as well, mainly modifications I’ve made to my electric guitars. As I started assembling materials for posts I realized that this modding madness is something that I’ve been involved in longer than I thought. None of my guitars is stock, I’ve modded them all through the years. This was way before I got into electronics..

I hope some of the information contained here will be useful to someone out there, but mostly I hope this will inspire like minded readers to dive in and DIY themselves!

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