PitchBlack ugly distortion pitcher box


This must be the ugliest thing I ever built. The box is probably the first project box I ever got and was drilled with a real lack of talent. I never used it for anything and it seemed right for this experiment. One may argue that it sounds as bad as it looks and I will probably have to agree.

This project is based off of the HT8950 8-bit ‘Robot Voice’ processor that is intended for toys but has found its way into numerous projects and commercial designs, most notably the ‘Robot’ pedal by DBA.

I built it to be used with either guitar or microphone and the gain stage can be driven into a hellish distortion. All the chip functions are available via the 4 push buttons being(from left to right): Robot, Vibrato, Up and Down. As for the knobs, they are: Gain, Vibrato Depth, Frequency, Dry Signal, Effect Volume and finally an output volume.

I haven’t done any artwork for it and doubt I ever will.. 🙂