The UbuFuz was actually built upon request. My guidelines were to build an ‘experimental sort of fuzz which doubles as a nasty noise maker’. The result was a dual pedal which is based on a lightly moded Supersonic Fuzz Gun and my own Ubu, followed by a fast gate. I added a Mix knob for dialing in a balance between the fuzz and modulator, giving way to endless variations of nastiness.

The fuzz (or Fuz) section is as extreme as fuzzes get, although it must be noted that this is not what you’d use for long singing sustained leads. It’s fairly gated, unless of course you unleash the Gate switch and have a constant oscillation interrupted only by your playing. The amazing thing about the ‘non gate’ mode is the varying octaves that every note produces.

The modulation section (or Ubu) is based around the NE567 chip, allowing for ring modulation type fuzz. Anyone who ever messed a little with the NE567 chip for guitar applications knows the thing doesn’t stop oscillating when not fed with a signal, therefore I followed it with a preset gate. Next time I will probably add more functionality to the Ubu.

Before the pedal was sold I had a chance to shoot a very short demo of what this beast sounds like. Once I get to build another one, I will post a lengthier video and demonstrate the full scale of possibilities available through this thing. This is by far the craziest sounding pedal I’ve ever built.

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