More RAT modifications

The Rat has always been my favorite classic distortion pedal. I compared it to the Big Muff and instantly knew what my choice was. Incidentally, I’ve never had the pleasure or luck to play a Big Muff that I really liked.. First I had the classic silicon version and after a friend lost it in a cab ride in S.F. he gave me his TurboRat as a replacement. Thing is, I liked the classic version better.. I moded the Turbo with a Lube control (Reutz mod) and that made it a lot more versatile (see a demo of the mod here.)

But then again, I still missed the fuzzier tone of the classic version..

Finally, I decided to modify it yet again. This time I was set to have all the Rats in one, with the addition of a dirty boost and a personalized redesign.

The EaroRat has 3 clipping modes and a dirty booster mode, thus emulating the sounds of Your Dirty Rat (with germanium diodes), Classic Rat (with silicon diodes), Turbo Rat (with LEDs for clippers) and what I guess would be a boost Rat (no clippers and huge output).

In the video I don’t mess with the Lube mod (as that was already covered in my previous Rat post). It’s maxed out throughout. The distortion knob is also maxed out throughout and the filter is in its mid position. I only use the level knob to unify the output. This is a quick demonstration of the various clipper modes only.