MIDI to Triggers converter

I will not write much about this other than that it’s a must for analog drums builders (and that it’s probably the ugliest box ever)! It takes MIDI in note messages and converts them to triggers. Simple. 10 Outputs are available. This can be used to trigger analog drum machines from your DAW – Heaven! The Learn button is used to give the device the root note from which the next notes are used for all the triggers. The LED flashes at startup, when in ‘Learn standby’ mode and when receiving incoming MIDI messages.

I found this excellent device on the equally excellent Obsolete Technology website. Both the schematics and Hex file are downloadable. I will probably build another one into my modified TR606 🙂

This is my first build using a PIC!

4 thoughts on “MIDI to Triggers converter

  1. Obsoletetechnology

    Hi Guy,
    Just found your website and that you published the Midi-Trigger interface. Looks good, glad you are have some fun with it (and that it works of course)!
    Also added a link to your page on my website.

    • admin Post author

      An honor to have you here! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your wonderful circuits!

  2. Honza

    Hi, I found the MIDI pins 4 & 5 are swapped in the schematic 🙂
    My device works somehow inaccurately in time and different notes beating each other when triggered at the same time…I believe it has to do something with the optocoupler or my Yamaha RS 7000 midi signal….I would very appreciate if you have something to say for this:)


    • admin Post author

      Hello Honza 🙂
      First off, thanks for visiting! As for the schematic, you may be right – I built this a while back, I may also had to swap the pins if memory serves me right.
      However, I cannot make an educated comment about your issues as I am not the creator of the circuit.
      Whether the speed/accuracy issues stem from the converter or the MIDI device – this would be easy to check simply by using the MIDI controller with a different device/virtual instrument. A MIDI monitor would even serve you better in your tests.
      If all functions well when used with other instruments/monitor – that would rule out your Yamaha being the issue.
      I would recommend that you write Obsoletetechnology as he is the creator of the circuit. In my experience he is extremely friendly and helpful.
      Good luck! 🙂

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