EM&M Synbal drum module

The Synbal circuit was published by EM&M on Feb, 1983. This circuit precedes the Syntom II by a couple of months and is dedicated to cymbal and metallic sounds. The PDF with the complete article can be easily found on the web so I won’t go into the technicalities here. It’s an interesting circuit well worth studying.

The Synbal has both a metal sound generator (which is tunable – very nice), a noise generator and a sweepable variable VCF. This makes it VERY versatile. Tweaking the VCF it’s quite easy to get bassy booms, which kinda goes well beyond the original purpose of this circuit.

There’s also a ‘Pedal’ switch. This allows switching between no decay and the set decay. Very handy when using the module for high hat sounds. I think a second knob for setting ‘closed’ decays would have been really nice here – but the limited amount of space on the box forced me to keep the original design. A very useful piece of gear!

Here’s a short clip! 🙂