Fixing broken keys on an Evolution MK-149

I got this keyboard with two broken keys! The two top keys! (Not that it matters as they all have their part)

Anyhow, being a cheap bastard and considering the cheapness of the keyboard itself, I decided to try to fix them myself rather than getting replacement keys. My solution might not be the best one, but slight modifications will make it worthwhile.

What I did was cut small strips from a PCB board to make a new support for the broken key joint

As you can see, the PCB layout makes it extremely simply to cut to size.

Finally, I used Super Glue to fix them together.

The keys work well now and feel very ‘safe’, but somewhat stiffer. A thinner piece of slightly softer plastic might ‘feel’ better, although I prefer hard to mushy. I also have this idea in my head (might be wrong though), that the little holes in the PCB strips get filled with glue as well, providing further support for the key. Dunno..

3 thoughts on “Fixing broken keys on an Evolution MK-149

  1. Ben

    Brilliant! My old MK-149 just broke a key! I was about to rush out and buy a new keyboard, but I love this keyboard so much.. it’s been with me for 15years+ and it’s been used on thousands of projects! I really don’t want to see it go!
    Thanks you so much for posting this! I’m going to give it a shot. It’s purely sentimental, but it also does exactly what I need!

    Ben Robinson

    p.s. it was used extensively in the score of this movie (and the trailer!)

    • admin Post author

      Hey Ben 🙂
      Thanks for the nice link!
      Totally worth the try – I would encourage you to try other materials as well.
      The PCB solution does work and has kept me happy so far, but for a more proficient keyboard player the slightly uneven keyboard stiffness may be annoying.
      A slightly thinner material will give softer ‘action’ to the keyboard that may match the overall feel of the keyboard a little better.
      Good luck and thanks for the visit!

  2. Ben

    I took it all apart and found the problem. The ‘spring’ part ( i.e. The bit that bends had snapped, so I simply superglued the two parts back together and it works as good as new!!!

    Thanks for your post, without it, I wouldn’t have bothered to try!!!

    I know have my beloved old keyboard back on my desk ready for another movie for next week!!

    All the best,
    Ben Robinson

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