DB-2 Dual analog drum module – 1st prototype

The DB-2 is a continuation of my quest for dual voiced drum boxes. This time I wanted something that doesn’t necessarily put out standard percussion sounds.

The design I ended up with is this: Each voice is made up of three square wave oscillators mixed with diodes, each with an on/off switch and a different rate range.

Each voice runs into a different variable state filter (allowing for LPF, BPF and HPF). These are two filters I really wanted to build for a while and here was my chance. For voice A I used the Thomas Henry VCF-1, and for voice B I used the Steiner-Parker Synthacon VCF. Both I think are grea!

The VCAs are driven by a simple envelope generator (with Decay only), and that same EG can also drive the filter cutoff. I added the ‘tie’ option which I like so much in my DB-1, and added external voltage control to VCF on voice A.

Here is a block diagram of a single voice.

Edit: I never got around to making a video for the DB-2 as I took it apart and continued working on it. I’m at the final stages now and hopefully will be uploading a demo soon. The basic structure is still the same, but moved into a bigger enclosure including an internal power supply. I also added white noise and impact generators to both voices (as used in the DB-1) and a CV input for the Steiner-Parker filter cutoff.



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