Mimsy tone generator

The Mimsy made me proud because it had features! It’s my take on Forrest Mims’ Stepped tone generator AKA Atari Punk Console. Based around the LM556 IC (or a couple of LM555s), it’s one of the easiest circuits one could possibly build.

I added a few more features to the basic circuit.

The basic circuit (Astable and Monostable knobs) is modulated by another wide range LM555 oscillator with Speed, Depth, Shape (switches between square and triangle wave – although the triangle wave is sort of weak), Direction (the wave is run through a couple of diodes which allow for sawtooth and reversed sawtooth shapes, or a primitive PWM) and Destination (taps the LFO into 4 different points on the oscillator circuit) controls.

There’s also a Trigger/Free Running mode switch on the side coupled with a Trigger button, and a very rudimentary CV input that can be routed via a selector on the back to a few tap points on the board.

I’m truly amazed at the range of sounds this thing can produce. Sickly.

I’m hoping to resurrect a very good film I made for it from a crashed drive. In the meantime..