Yamaha DI-10M fix

This was my first and only distortion pedal for years and years. I love these old 80s’ Yamaha pedals and have used quite a few over the years. I bought it way before I had heard of ‘quests for tone’. This is what I had and I loved it. I’m actually doing quite a bit of work trying to regain that fresh attitude of ingenuity within limits and it isn’t all that easy the more experience and tools I have. anyways, In the early nineties it died.

I brought a new distortion pedal home. A Rat. Totally different than the DI-10M, but more in tune with the vintage sound I was looking for at the time. I never stopped missing my nasty DI-10M though, and my second project was getting it going again and replacing the old lost back cover with a handmade one.

All the fix consisted of was tracing the power lines on the PCB and re-soldering them back to the power connector. The metal back came out of an old hard drive external case. EASY. Shouldn’t have waited this long to do it.

Below is a short demo of the DI-10M sound. Even with the Output Level all the way up, this pedal does not match the guitars’ original output, which doesn’t say much in its favor. It’s also one of the noisiest pedals I own. I love the damn thing!

BTW, I’m surprised at having found no information at all about this pedal – earlier and later variants yes, but nothing on this one.


2 thoughts on “Yamaha DI-10M fix

  1. Joe

    My distortion is power not support.
    When DC come in not working. How to repair it . please help me to solve the problem. D1-10M.

    • admin Post author

      Open it up. Most chances there is a shortage in the DC connector. resoldering it should fix it 🙂

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