ProCo Turbo Rat modification

When my beloved DI-10M died out on me I went on a hunt for a new distortion pedal.

I eventually came home with two pedals to choose from: Electro Harmonix Big Muff and ProCo Rat 2.

The Rat stayed!

Years later, my friend and I accidentally switched pedals leaving a rehearsal (he had a Turbo Rat). He then left my pedal in the cab on the ride home. Lost forever! I was left with the Turbo Rat.

Supposedly the Turbo is just a Rat with twice the volume. Does that mean that at half the volume you get a maxed out Rat? I don’t think so..

I still think the Rat is the better of the two but I got accustomed to the Turbo eventually, never satisfied with the range of tone I could get out of it quite as much.

Being that I now had two ‘electronic projects’ well turned out under my belt, I started searching for a Rat mod. The Reutz mod seemed like an easy one to try. It’s a Rat mod but works just as well on Turbos. Again, fairly simply – just replace the right resistor with a pot and you’re done!

Below is a demonstration of the mod in action. As you can hear, the it’s substantially more effective in the lower gains range, which is perfect for me as that’s where I find most the tones I like.

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  1. Koi

    Awesome pedal, I like them because they bring to me the feeling of the actual music

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